At about 1:45 am on August 10, Typhoon Lichma landed strongly on the south coast of Wenling City, Zhejiang Province. The overnight typhoon rolled a number of cities along the coast of Zhejiang Province. All the infrastructure such as electricity and transportation where the typhoon went was severely damaged.

After receiving the meteorological information on the afternoon of August 9, our company immediately organized the Xianheng International Rescue Team. More than 30 people mobilized large-scale drainage vehicles, drones, command vehicles, mass pumping stations, anti-smashing boats, mobile lighting equipment and emergency items. They rushed to the typhoon area overnight to prepare for the disaster area.

Xianheng International’s autonomous generator sent electricity to the disaster area. The mountain roads are not accessible. Our rescuers immediately started helicopters to send emergency equipment and supplies to the disaster area. Xianheng's integrated lighting drone brought light to the disaster area and greatly improved the efficiency of the repair personnel. A big tree fell on the main road, and the disaster relief vehicles were difficult to enter. We immediately used our folding cranes to send them in small space. The folding cranes cleaned the trees flexibly...

Since receiving the typhoon landing news, our company's production plant immediately organized emergency production and delivery, and the factory's colleagues rushed to work overnight, sending a number of emergency supplies to the disaster area.

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