Congratulations to our company for successfully passing the Alibaba International Station Jinpincheng Enterprise Certification


In order to better demonstrate the company's operating […]

In order to better demonstrate the company's operating conditions and show the company's overall strength, after our application, Alibaba International Station entrusts a third-party certification agency to our company for annual on-site certification. The results of the factory inspection are a report collected on-site by a third-party agency to faithfully display the factory's production capacity and operating status. The purpose of certification is to help buyers further understand the factory's current real production capacity and make quick decisions.
The audit content of this factory inspection includes the company's plant conditions, product conditions, production equipment, research and development capabilities, production capabilities, quality control, foreign trade capabilities, etc. The inspectors conducted a rigorous and detailed review and took relevant videos. After review and evaluation, our company's various indicators and data are in compliance with relevant standards and are approved to pass the SGS Certification.

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