Lantern Festival was held successfully


February 26, 2021, is a traditional Chinese festival--- […]

February 26, 2021, is a traditional Chinese festival--- Lantern Festival.Usually, relatives and friends will celebrate theirreunion in China on this day.
In such a cheerful festive atmosphere, our International Business Department held an activity of "Reunion Dinner and Reunion Festival". There are three parts to the activity. The first part is a dinner business party. Mr. International , And all colleagues of the group participated in the dinner party. The atmosphere of the dinner party was cordial and harmonious. We are all prepared for the rapid of the part of the company. candles for them. The event came to a climax when we sang Happy Birthday together. In KTV, everyone came to the stage to sing in a warm atmosphere. Finally, Manager Liu's work in a hand in a hand in every hand. to overcome the difficulties in the difficult situation of the new crown epidemic last year. At the same time, he encouraged us to base ourselves on reality and make progress again.
Through this event, the communication between everyone was promoted and the friendship was enhanced. Near the early morning, the dinner party ended successfully in a joyous atmosphere.