New products are welcomed by customers from all over the world


BETA hydraulics and crimping tools are the core product […]

BETA hydraulics and crimping tools are the core products of our company. In order to keep improving our products, we have poured a lot of research and development costs into production and research and development. At the beginning of 2021, several of our key products have been further updated. New additions: 1. LCD displays the number of crimping or cutting. 2. More battery power. 3. The product has added straps, and the performance is more stable.
The new products were welcomed by customers in various countries as soon as they went on the market. At the same time, please rest assured that our company always attaches great importance to after-sales service of products, and we will continue to provide quality assurance and maintenance services for old products.
We attach great importance to customer feedback and insist on the concept of only making good products. We will make improvements according to the needs of most customers. Keep improving on the road.