Salesman product knowledge training


Time: 2021.4.11 The engineer trains the salesperson on […]

Time: 2021.4.11
The engineer trains the salesperson on product knowledge in our own company's Haining Industrial Park. The main product is hydraulic torque wrenches. The product has been developed three years ago, sold and tested in the domestic market, and continuously improved and improved based on market feedback, especially feedback on quality. Now it has stable quality and is ready to be sold abroad.
During the training process, engineers trained professionally to demonstrate the various functions of the product, carefully taught the salesperson to operate, and answered various questions raised by the salesperson carefully and patiently. The salesperson actively participated in the training, enthusiastically participated in the demonstration of the product, and asked questions that customers might ask, etc.%e6%9c%aa%e5%91%bd%e5%90%8d