10-35kV Cable  preparation set  FL-135

10-35kV Cable preparation set FL-135

Product Features:
1. Portable portable toolbox
2. Cable outside the stripper, the use of cable diameter: 25mm or more, cutting thickness: 5mm
3. Removable external semiconductor layer stripper, applicable cable diameter 16 ~ 41mm
4. Can peel off the outer semiconductor layer flat mouth pliers
5. Non-peelable outer semiconductor layer stripper, operating diameter: maximum 220mm, infeed depth: 0- 1.5mm
6. Main insulation stripper, operating diameter: maximum 220mm
7. Main insulation chamfer, the maximum rotation size: 200mm
8. hook type electric knife, material: 420 steel, length: 195mm, blade length: 60mm
9. Advanced anti-cutting gloves

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Model Description Specifications


10-35kV Cable
preparation set

1. Portable toolbox
2. Jacket Stripper Cable diameter: ≥25 mm, cutting thickness: 5mm
3. Strippable Semi-Con Stripper Cable diameter: 16-41 mm
4. Strippable Semi-Con Flat Nose Pliers
5. Non-Strippable Semi-Con Stripper Cable diameter: ≤220 mm, cutting depth: 0-1.5mm
6. Main Insulation Layer Stripper Cable diameter: ≤220 mm
7. Insulation Chamfer Tool Rotation size: max. 200mm
8. Hook Type Electric Knife Material: 420 steel, length: 195mm Blade length: 60mm
9. High Class Anti-Cutting Gloves

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