Xianheng International Science&Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as Xianheng International, public listing on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, Stock code 605056, is headquartered in Hangzhou, east China. It is an MRO intensive supplier of tools, instruments and other related products. It mainly serves the power industry, and also involves emergency, railway, urban rail transit, petroleum and petrochemical, etc, and specialize in the research and development, production, sales and technical services of own independent products in the above fields.

Xianheng International has more than 1,400 employees and more than 60 subsidiaries. We have self-built online and offline platforms, online e-commerce platform - Xianheng International Mall, offline chain platform - Safe City. We have vigorously strengthened independent research and development and production, improved intensive service capabilities, and formed the business pattern of mutual cooperation and coordinated development with market service network, supply chain system, technical service system, and industrial system.

R&D and Innovation

As of December 31, 2019, we have a total of 137 trademarks, 115 major patents, including 12 invention patents, 85 utility model patents, 18 design patents, 125 major software copyrights, and 1 work copyright. Subsidiaries such as Hangzhou Bete Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Xianheng International Research Center Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Axplor Sign&Label Manufacture Co., Ltd., Xianheng International E-Commerce Co., Ltd., Xianheng International Emergency Technology Research Institute (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Zhongke Guanghui (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. are all “National High-tech Enterprises”.

Intellectual Property

Participate in Compilation of Standard Documents. Lead the industry standard

Xianheng International and The National Technical Committee for Standardization of Electrical Instruments and Instruments jointly led the establishment of the "Standard Research and Preparatory Working Group in the Field of Cable Fault Location Instruments", carried out the formulation and revision of standards at all levels in related fields.


*GB∕T 32191-2015 National Standard for Leakage Current Tester

*GB∕T 32192-2015 National Standard for Withstand Voltage Tester



Innovation Industrial Park in Haining City(30km to our Hangzhou headquarter)

Xianheng International Innovation Industrial Park in Haining City is our main production base, with a construction area of over 90,000 square meters and complete supporting facilities. The park takes Zhejiang Xianheng International Haining Innovation Industry Center as the main body of industrial development, and gathers four major industrial sectors, including Hangzhou Bete Manufacture, Xianheng International Electric Manufacture, Axplor Sign&Label Manufacture, and Xianheng International Research Center, forming a complete industrial chain structure with the collection of product manufacturing, software development, hardware development, and system integration., which mainly to carry out research, development and manufacturing for hydraulic tools, hand tools, electromechanical tools, electrical equipment, identification signs and labels and other tool products and power grid testing, electrical instruments and other instrumentation products.