Our company is about to attend the 2019 Eurasia (Turkey) exhibition on May 2nd to May 25th. Welcome everyone to come.

One of the important industrial exhibitions in the Eurasian region

The Turkish Industrial Exhibition WIN EURASIA is a prestigious and comprehensive international industrial exhibition sponsored by Hannover Messe GmbH and Hannover Messe (Turkey). The exhibition has become a platform for the display of industrial products and technologies in Eurasia.

Wide range of exhibitions: The exhibition was originally organized in two phases, will be re-integrated in 2019, industrial automation, international fluid power technology, energy, electrical and electronics, material handling, supply chain management, internal logistics topics, metal processing, welding and cutting The seven themes of technology and surface treatment technology share the same platform, which will become a gathering of industrial development along the “Belt and Road”. Exhibitors will also have the opportunity to devote more professional visitors and potential markets in one location, saving exhibitors more time.

The scale of the exhibition is large: the total exhibition area of the second phase of the 2018 exhibition is as high as 36,445 square meters. A total of 1,716 companies from 77 countries participated in the exhibition, attracting 100,899 professional visitors. This exhibition will continue to strengthen the promotion of Industry 4.0, fully integrate “intelligent” with “smart factory”, and further demonstrate the trend of future industrial development through intelligent robots, 3D printers and other control machinery.

The organizers are strong: Hanover Exhibitions has the world's largest exhibition venue in Hanover, Germany, and hosts dozens of international exhibitions each year, with an area of 1 million square meters. Hannover specializes in industrial professional exhibitions. Three of the top five exhibitions in the world are held in Hannover, and the exhibition venues in many basic industries are the largest in the world.

We are already preparing for this exhibition. At that time, we welcome our new and old customers to attend, especially in Europe and Asia.