Power tools network news: "the Belt and Road" for the power industry has brought opportunities and challenges


Power tools network: "the Belt and Road" for the power […]

Power tools network: "the Belt and Road" for the power companies have brought opportunities and challenges, business investment in the field which?
     "the Belt and Road" initiative for the power companies to provide a "going out" of the new opportunities. What are the new opportunities? What is the risk? How to deal with and circumvent?
     "the Belt and Road" initiative for China's power industry to bring a lot of new opportunities for overseas development: First, the power industry to upgrade the traditional overseas business provides a new opportunity to increase the investment opportunities for Chinese-funded power enterprises; Second, China's power equipment industry A more broad market space; third is the "green 'area along the way' concept is more conducive to play our three generations of nuclear power and wind, light and other clean energy technology and standards of comparative advantage.
     In the process of "going out", the risks are always accompanied by risks such as personal, law and order, disease, natural disasters, national political risks, economic fundamentals, social risks, environmental risks, and even national factors, energy factors And so become a more serious challenge.


Enterprise internationalization prevention and control is a complex systematic project, the need for government departments, industry organizations, enterprises and other sectors of the joint efforts: through various channels and ways to in-depth publicity "the Belt and Road" building on China and the international community "win "To continue to promote bilateral and multilateral cooperation between China and the countries along the line, consolidate the basis of the interests of the community; seriously study the host country's political and economic situation, so that" the hearts of several "" know ourselves "; give full play to industry associations and other social organizations self- Service, consulting functions; multi-level solid international training, to further enhance the overall level of overseas personnel; to develop overseas institutional risk response mechanism to ensure that the risk control, in control.