Year-end Meeting And Spring Festival Holiday Notice


When the Chinese New Year is approaching, our company h […]

When the Chinese New Year is approaching, our company held a year-end summary and commendation conference. We applaud the outstanding results of 2019. At the conference, employees with outstanding achievements and active work were recognized. Finally, we made a summary of the work in 2019 and looked forward to the more exciting 2020 and a beautiful New Year holiday.

The Spring Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation and a day for family reunion. According to past habits, we will start the holiday on 17thJanuary, 2020, with a holiday of 15 days. The holiday ends on first February . Please make a self-service order during the holiday. If there is an urgent need or problem during the period, you can contact our salesman or email them. The Email address is We will process and reply as soon as possible. Eventually, We wish you all a happy New Year holiday.