CCST-220 Cable Spiking Tool

CCST-220 Cable Spiking Tool


1. 15T hydraulic cylinder, strong spiking force
2. With alloy steel spiking head, can be used repeatedly
3. Powered by hand or electric insulated hydraulic pump
4. Easy operation and good effect
5. Can be used with insulated cutter


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Technical Data:

1. Model: CCST-220
2. Output Force: 15T
3. Rated Pressure: 700bar
4. Puncturing diameter: Max. Ø135mm
5. Puncturing depth: 55mm
6. Weight: 10kg
7. Packing: Steel Case

1. The cable spiking tool has a 15T oil cylinder, strong puncture force.
2. Puncture results can be directly observed.
3. With Alloy steel puncture cone, can be used repeatedly.
4. The cable puncturing tool is powered by hand or electric insulated hydraulic pump.
5. Easy operation, fine puncture effects.
6. The cable puncturing and spiking device can be used with insulated cutter.
7. Working with hydraulic pump
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