TV35 DAC Situation Detection Location System

TV35 DAC Situation Detection Location System


    DAC is new technology in cable situation checking, and is closely focused by all over the world recent years. The essence of DAC is to use DAC voltage to replace power frequency AC withstand voltage test, on the basis to meet IEC60270 standard. DAC situation detection location system TV10, combines DAC withstand voltage test and partial discharge, to do non-destructive test and provide effective way to find the potential faults. With partial discharge measurement location function, it can locate the fault successfully. It's ideal equipment of operating maintenance department and test department.

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On-site application:
Technical Data:
Oscillating power supply output voltage peak
0-60 kV(pek)/0-51.2 kV (rms)
Oscillation frequency
50-800 Hz
Oscillation loop inductance
Not less than 0.8H
Cable capacitance
0.03 μF -5 μF
PD positioning bandwidth
PD measurement accuracy
1 pC
Location accuracy
0.1 m
PD calibration range
50 pC~20nC
High voltage charging current
10 mA
Cable dielectric loss measurement range
0.1%-5%, automatic measurement
Testing time
Charging time is not more than 2 seconds, test time is less than 100ms, non-destructive test
Damped oscillatory waves; frequency domain filtering and wavelet filtering
PD level and trend
It depicts the level and trend of partial discharge during the withstand voltage test, and has a compensation function to truly
restore the actual level of the partial discharge
Wireless control
Control the high voltage output through wireless local area network (WLAN) to ensure personal safety, or you can choose wired
Analysis function
Automatic and manual analysis functions
Cable length correction
Cable length correction function
Wireless connection or wired connection, eliminate the interference of on-site signal
Power supply

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